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shubham semwal

Digital Marketeer | Web Designer | Consultant


Apr 2018 - Present

Accenture, Malaysia

Securing the global android ecosystem by working as a Content Reviewer to work with one of the biggest Global Android Stores. My role mostly focuses but not restricted to be a part of Support Backend Team and drive out reviews on apps, policies, developers and take action if required. 

Mar 2016 - March 2018

Kohinoor Group, India

Growing up myself individually with assistance of some great marketing minds of Kohinoor. With so much exposure, opportunities I realized the value of digital media in shaping  our future. I thank Kohinoor with all my heart for giving me all those spaces that I could fill up with my hard work and learn how to grow in a professional environment.

Aug 2015 - Feb 2016


Working as a Part Time Travel Blogger, Entrepreneur with some early failures. Realised I need to take up some work experience before getting up on my own.

About Me

Self Motivated, Always hungry to learn, brush my existing skills and use my abilities to full potential. For me working for an organisation is aligning my goals with organizational goals. Helping and Motivating my colleagues with every penny of skill and energy I have is my main priority after giving my best at the assigned tasks.  



Digital Marketing Certifications


Bachelors of Tech. , E&TC


Doon International School, India


Digital Marketing 89%
WordPress 61%
Market Research 71%
Designing 50%
Data Analysis 85%


Dhawal Panjwani

(617) 962 8802

Pankaj Singhal

(510) 894 8525

Shahzad Kohati

(513) 585 5951

Being professional

Well, my  experience is short but has gone down to the roots of all the professional ecosystems. With more than 3+ years of work spanning across various fields, I have tried my best to absorb as much as I could. Consider myself fortunate to have worked with highly skilled colleagues and seniors, and appreciated their efforts of always being supportive to dig the best out of me. I am always looking out for better opportunities and mentors who can guide and push me beyond the limit and create new marvels.

Progress Bar

still a long way to go


Work experience

Kohinoor Group, India

Kickstarting my professional career with Kohinoor was what every fresher needs, and I feel grateful for those multiple opportunities handed over to me with time. Kohinoor Group is a mid-scale real estate group which is at its peak of growth. Realizing the transitions of how a company gets organised into various structures with growth and revenue. Joining the company initially as a Pre-sales executive and ending my journey as a Sr. Executive Marketing(Digital/Offline) gave me immense experience, exposure and direction that I will always be grateful for. Also this was the time when digital media spiked its growth around the world. Thanks Kohinoor!   

  • Digital Marketeer
  • Offline Marketeer
  • Presales/Sales
  • Market Researcher
  • Data Analytics
  • Executed succesfull Digital and supported Outdoor & Print Camapigns for the company leading to high lead conversion
  • Hands on experience with Search/Display Ads, Smart Display Ads, Remarketing Ads in google paid marketing campaigns.
  • Creating engaging Social Media Campaigns through media analytics, KPIs and Dashboards
  • Expertise is FB Lead Gen Ads, Conversion Ads, Brand Awareness ads in Power Editor.
  • Coordinating with Google India helping Kohinoor to achieve Google Partner Status.
  • Generate weekly, monthly, quaterly and annually Reports and presentation, reviewing Sales, marketing performance of the company
  • Market Research, Data Analysis to improve the overall targeting and productivity.

Accenture, malaysia

Operating at client location, I am supporting one of the biggest android stores. My role is very crucial in research, analysis and driving out policies which secures the store ecosystem and also brushes my skills. Great exposure with the clients, as my work requires interaction with the internal teams and understanding and building their process. Additionally, I am supporting the backend team and try to carry out some innovations helping the team and client. 

  • Content Moderator
  • Policy Evaluator
  • External/Internal Support
  • Implementation of Processes
  • Supporting and securing the biggest android app stores.
  • Optimizing the process of operations, implementing ideas to drive the maximum output
  • Influencing the creation of various Major Global Policies to make the store environment secure.
  • Created several internal tools and websites for the Team to optimize the process.
  • Interacting with Important teams of developers, Business Managers and policy makers and facilitating their work.
  • Working on various projects and keeping the app store secure during various National and International events
  • Creating Reports/presentations of several projects and performance analysis.


Yes, I am really handy with them!

Running Search, Display, remarketing, RLSA ads and monitoring the campaign.

Google Analytics was the reason of me falling in love with Data Analytics. 

I always had that love for design, making it work on wordpress like this website.

Social Media is the present and possible future of marketing. With the best organized database of humanity’s social lives social media will dominate the advertising industry by more than 80%.

Amazing tool if you wanna be straightforward with your marketing approach. 

Great tool to manage all the posts across all social media channels, and plan your timely user engagements. It makes social media planning so easy.

Email Marketing is loosing the grip, but still effective if the approach is 360 degree.

Content will always rule the Social World. Depends how can we utize it.

My Story


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